Sustainable Chemistry and Materials: Staff

Ivano Alessandri

Associate Professor, Principal Investigator

phone: +39-030-3715475

fax: +39-030-3702448



Irene Vassalini

Research Fellow (RTD-A)

phone: +39-030-3715405


Research interests: smart materials, catalysts and adaptive interfaces, non-linear chemical processes, energy conversion and storage

Marina Maddaloni

Ph. D. Student (II year)

phone: +39-030-3715405


Research interests: chemistry for smart agriculture and sustainable systems

PhD Grant supported by UniBS, ENEA and Regione Lombardia

Giammarco Roini

Ph. D. Student DRII (II year)

phone: +39-030-3715405


Research interests: halide perovskites for sensing and catalysis

PhD grant supported by "Progetto di Eccellenza"-DII

Past members

Stefano Danesi- SGM Magnetics

Nicolò Bontempi- 4U consulting

Marco Salmistraro-

Joana Gjipalaj- Lecturer at Polytechnic University Tirana

Stefania Federici- Research Fellow-RTD-B, University of Brescia

Paolo Zanola- Gielle Industriale S.r.l.